Our V.I.P Services

Air Limo

The landscape where Ahmet Çelebi made wings for Ahmet Çelebi to see is being dragged into Algeria for the sake of Limanine Plus – Air Limo and is spreading under your feet! The Golden Horn, the Historical Peninsula, the Maiden’s Tower, the helicopter tour over the Bosphorus are waiting for you!

Experience an adventurous experience, watch the most beautiful seasons of Istanbul, summer and fall in the sky!

Take your camcorder, your camera; immort your experience with spectacular frames!

Surprise your loved ones, live their lives for once in their lives!

Spend a minute in a helicopter with Air Limo “alone” and make your romantic offers unforgettable!

Airport Transfer

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Atatürk Airports; Ankara Esenboğa Airport;

Free welcome, private car waiting at the door and professional driver, fast, problem free, luxury airport transfer.

When you get to the airport, our staff will meet you at the door with your name on it and you will be escorted to your private car waiting at the door and will start your pleasant journey as soon as possible. Or your private chauffeur will be there at your exact time to go to the airport.

Our team, which has analyzed your route ahead of time after a tiring plane flight or in the hurry to reach your flight, with our highest quality service, the latest model comfort vehicles, while reading your journal and listening to the kind of music you want, will ensure you complete your journey safely as soon as possible.

City Tour’s

We are proud to serve with our gentle team in our city and city trips and tours. You can transfer transfers between two points, especially airport and hotel transfers, safely with Limousine Plus Luxury Car Services.

Congress and Organization Vip Transfer Services

We will be proud to serve you with all our team for congresses and organizations you will do in all ours especially Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.

Limousine Plus prepares and manages all kinds of organizations in one hand.

Transfer to guidance service; a wide range of services from private protection to space availability. We give you time, prestige and admiration for organizations that require advanced experience and operational skills such as business trips, corporate organizations, congresses, launches, weddings.

Limousine Plus allows you to walk from a single, professional hand of your entire organization, saving you from many different interests and dealing with each other, without missing the finest details like your special assistant.

Sea Limo

Bosphorus tour with its unique geographical position and historical beauties of both sides is an indispensable choice for those who want to live in Istanbul. One of the most important points to be discovered in Istanbul, the Bosphorus offers a different Istanbul experience with its historical and geographical beauty.

We invite you to experience this unique experience by combining our Yacht charter services with a meal-oriented Bosphorus tour, Island tour, Golden Horn tour and swimming tour with this extraordinary beauty service understanding.

Special moments you will spend in the Bosphorus with your loved ones, birthdays, weddings, engagement, laser marriage proposal, henna night, cocktail, graduation, anniversary celebrations, private boat tours, foreign tourism groups, mehtap and dinner tours , special meals to accommodate your company guests, and a nice trotting tour, we want to be your first choice. It is not too late to discover all these beauties together with the smell of the sea.

Wedding, Graduation etc. Special Ceremonies Vip Transfers

We are your institutional service for your wedding, graduation ceremonies and special occasions to keep you happy with our professional team.

Limousine Plus is designed for you to make those special days even more memorable once you live in your life. Beautiful and different wedding packages will allow you to sip your champagne while traveling with your partner in a flower garden.

Moreover, with the bluetooth headset, at least one foreign language-speaking professional driver with secure communication, protocol and safe driving training …

It is up to you to crown this special day with the hours you will spend in your last model of luxurious vehicle arranged in a garden of paradise and to fall in love once again in these beauties.