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who are we LimousinePlus

Limousine Plus

Company Since;

At “Limousine Plus”, we have been offering quality transfer since 2010. Since our beginnings, we have transferred 200,000 people each year – that is over 2 million people in just 10 years.


Our company strives for excellence with high safety and comfort at an affordable rate.

– We guarantee that once you book us, we will be there waiting for you when you need us.
– We provide private Car, Minivan, Coach, Helicopter, and water taxis. Whatever you need, we have it! Our prices are low, due to the fact that we pay no commission to any firms.
– We do not make you pay any additional fees, allowing us to be over 30% cheaper than other firms.
– With Transfer Expert, there is no need for you to feel concern a Istanbul airport, Sabiha Gokcen, Ankara, Sultanahmet and Taksim, and more.
– We service in Turkey.
– With private, door to door transfer options, you can have a private means of transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa. This allows for a personal service and no additional stops along the way to the destinations.
– We offer this in order to create the most personalized, speedy transfer option for your travels.

You can fill the contact forum and make a reservation your own options.

You can choose every detail from Limousine type to vehicle color in your own special options.

Selecting One:

limuzin 13 - who are we LimousinePlusWhen selecting one of our shuttle bus or other shared transfer options, there will be multiple drop offs and picks along your journey to the destinations. This opens up the option to meet new people, and have shared experiences with others while your travel.

When you arrive to the airport, we will be waiting for you with a board, often times that state your name. In order to ensure there are no issues, we have you verify your identity by providing proof with your transfer voucher. We provide this safety measure in order to ensure no one tries to steal your ride! With our service, that is never a problem.

We are transferring with the type of vehicle you want. Limousine, S-Class, E-Class, BMW, Audi, Mercedess Sprinter VIP,Mercedess Vito VIP, Vito-V, Vito, Mercedess Sprinter.
You can contact us by writing your options with our contact form, our friends will contact you within 2 hours. Since we use our own vehicle fleet, you have the opportunity to reserve on the day of your flight. Lincoln limousine is in our garage. All of our Fleet’s Insurance and Labor documents are complete.


The Transfer Service;

To make sure your travel experience is top notch, we check all of the reservations we receive for correctness.
If something seems out of place, or if we require more information, we will be in contact with you right away.
There is never a reason to stress with us – we care about you getting to your destination!
In order to accommodate any last minute plans, we provide the option to book online 24 hours prior to your flight.
At LimousinePlus, we understand that plans can be last minute, and when they are, you still need transportation!
By providing this, we keep your mind at ease – no matter how soon it is until your flight.

We will still provide you with excellent quality service of your choice that brings you as close as possible to your destination (including right to the door whenever it is possible!)

You can also order a Limousine from here.





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