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Sea Limousine

Bosphorus tour with its unique geographical position and historical beauties of both sides is an indispensable choice for those who want to live in Istanbul. One of the most important points to be discovered in Istanbul, the Bosphorus offers a different Istanbul experience with its historical and geographical beauty.
We invite you to experience this unique experience by combining our Yacht charter services with a meal-oriented Bosphorus tour, Island tour,  Golden Horn tour and swimming tour with this extraordinary beauty service understanding.

Special moments you will spend in the Bosphorus with your loved ones, birthdays, weddings, engagement, laser marriage proposal, henna night, cocktail, graduation, anniversary celebrations, private boat tours, foreign tourism groups, mehtap and dinner tours , special meals to accommodate your company guests, and a nice trotting tour, we want to be your first choice. It is not too late to discover all these beauties together with the smell of the sea.

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